OTC South Pacific History 2005 - 2019

Foreword from the President of OTC South Pacific
It is with great pleasure that I acknowledge the 10 Year Anniversary of OTC South Pacific Inc. in 2015. Having been involved since 2007 and now being the third President of the organization, I have witnessed first-hand its growth to become a highly reputable training and educational organization in our region.

The road to success has been helped greatly by the dedication and hard work of all involved, especially the early founding members. It is with great satisfaction that we are recognized as having grown to become one of the most active chapters in the OTC Foundation family globally, with an excellent training program and a world class faculty to support it. 

In my current role as the global President for the OTC Foundation, I intend to further establish our reputation on the world stage, especially in international training and research collaboration. 

The current OTC Management Committee, on behalf of many orthopaedic trainees in the last decade, would like to take this opportunity to publicly recognize and thank all past and present faculty & Committee members for their support of OTC South Pacific over the years. We would like to applaud all of you for your outstanding contribution to our mission of education and support of current and future orthopaedic surgeons. 

In addition OTC South Pacific would like to thank Stryker South Pacific for the ongoing sponsorship of this organisation over the whole 10 years, without which OTC would be unable to provide affordable surgical skills courses for trainees.

Ton Tran – President, OTC South Pacific & Past President, Global OTC Foundation

History of OTC Foundation and OTC South Pacific Inc.

OTC South Pacific Incorporated began existence as AIOD South Pacific in 2005, as a local non-profit organisation covering Australia and New Zealand. OTC became a local Chapter of the international AIOD Foundation and both organisations subsequently adopted the new name of OTC, which stands for Osteosynthesis and Trauma Care. 

The purpose of OTC South Pacific is to advance the science and art of musculoskeletal treatment in the South Pacific through the conduct, sponsorship and support of research, education and training.

OTC Foundation, based in Switzerland oversees an interactive global network of surgeons and scientists, dedicated to the advancement of osteosynthesis and trauma care through education, research and professional networking. The goal is to attract both younger and experienced professionals that strive to be competent in the fields of fragility fractures and osteoporosis. OTC Foundation supports education through CME accredited courses & events, forums and travel grants.  It supports research with grants, publications and symposia through knowledge sharing and wisdom. OTC Foundation also offers services to the local OTC Chapters, interlinking them through common meetings and addressing them and their members directly via a global web platform.


OTC South Pacific Education
OTC South Pacific began its educational program by establishing IM Femoral and Tibial Nailing Courses across the larger states, along with one or two major anatomical specimen courses each year. More recently, OTC South Pacific has concentrated solely on conducting 3 or 4 anatomical specimen courses each year in response to the needs of surgical trainees. 

Past delegates have consistently indicated that hands-on practice of dissection and surgical approaches with experienced faculty in a safe environment is highly valued & an area they have limited opportunity to experience. 

The program of courses has been developed to meet specific needs according to the level of skills and experience of delegates. OTC South Pacific curriculum now consists of dissection courses for Pre-Set, SET 1-2 audience; surgical approach courses for SET 2-5 and a fracture fixation courses with X ray for SET 5 & junior consultants.

OTC Foundation Education
The OTC Chapter Presidents, through the Global Alliance mechanism, oversee educational activities in their chapters and support their educational programs. Courses take place worldwide at local educational centres. Other activities include Leadership and Regional Forums and an educational travel grant program.  

OTCF Chapters & Cooperation
The OTC Global Alliance is made up of the OTC Foundation and 20 independent Chapters located around the world. The OTC Chapters are mainly locally-funded entities that focus on education, offering a wide array of established local courses.

OTC Foundation Research
The OTCF Research Committee (RECO) guides significant global research grants, research courses and international symposia regarding osteosynthesis and trauma care. Research activities cover complementary publications such as books and supplements to international journals. 

OTC South Pacific Committee Members 2005-2019

Presidents of OTC South Pacific

Name Dates
Professor Thomas Kossman 2005 - 2008
A/Professor Mellick Chehade 2008 - 2012
Professor Ton Tran 2013 - present


Past & Present Committee Members 

Name Role
Dr Ashish Diwan Various roles including Vice President
A/Professor Elton Edwards Various roles including Secretary
Dr Andrew Gong Treasurer
Dr Manish Gupta Secretary
Dr Brett Halliday  Various roles including Director of Education, Treasurer & Secretary
Dr John Hart  Various roles including Treasurer & Secretary
Dr Anthony Keeley Secretary
Dr Lawrence Malisano Vice President
Mr Andrew Oppy Various roles including Director of Education & Treasurer
Professor Ton Tran President & Vice President
Mr Ian Young Various roles including Vice President, Director of Education & Treasurer


Past & Present Faculty Members

Mr Paul Allcock
Dr Ivan Astori
Mr Robert Baird
Dr Buddhika Balalla
Professor Zsolt Balogh
Dr Ed Bateman
Mr Ben Beamond
Dr Harvinder Bedi
Dr Des Bokor
Dr Rohan Brunello
Dr Kosta Calligeros
Dr Ben Cass
A/Professor Mellick Chehade
Dr Ray Chin
Dr Cameron Cooke
Dr Ben East
Dr Chris Fougere  (NZ)
Dr Trevor Gervais
Dr Andrew Gong
Dr Manish Gupta
Dr Sanjeev Gupta
Prof Ian Harris
Dr Jason Harvey
Dr  Andrew Higgs
Dr Greg Hogan
Dr  Andrew Hughes
A/Professor Ruurd Jaarsma
Dr Ben Jeffcote 
Dr Simon Journeux
Dr Doug King
Professor Thomas Kossman
Dr Roderick Kuo
Dr Toby Leys
Dr Brian Loh
Dr Michael Lutz
Dr Douglas Maclean
Dr Andrew Mayo
Dr Rob Molnar
Dr Pierre Navarre
Dr Ning Tang (Hong Kong)
Dr Minas Petrelis
Dr Kalman Piper
A/Professor Anthony Pohl
Dr Mark Price
Dr Rohan Price
Dr Boopalan Ramasamy 
Professor Mark Rickman
Dr Matthias Russ
Dr Michael Sandow
Professor Michael Schuetz
Dr Doron Sher        
A/Prof Paul Smith
Dr Chris Smithers
Dr Rabi Solaiman
A/Professor Bogdan Solomon
Dr Rami Sorial
Dr Zoltan Szomor
Mr Peter Tamblyn
Assoc.Prof Ezekiel Tan
Dr Kevin Tetsworth
Dr Thomas Treseder
Prof. Ton Tran
Dr Geoffrey Tymms
Mr Austin Vo
Dr Richard Walker
Dr Justin Webb
Dr Patrick Weinrauch
Dr Michael Wren
Mr Ian Young
Dr Julian Yu

Tom Geddes
Rodney Gordon
Matt Tomlinson
Wes Bevan
Kevin Karpik
Paul Eaton
Robert Orec
Brendan Coleman
Michael Flint
Sandeep Patel
Michael Rosenfeldt
Matthew Debenham
Chris Taylor
Wolfgang Heiss-Dunlop
Michael Foster

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